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#2 Embrace and Drive Change
johns family team core value
(The following has been “borrowed” and revised with the blessing of our friends at 1. Deliver WOW Through Service: “We strive to do what’s right – what’s best – for our clients and not what’s easiest. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their goals.” 2. Embrace and Drive Change: “There really weren’t real estate teams when I started working for Mom. We weren’t the first ones to start a team, but our team, led by (judy johns), has created a large sphere of influence in the Kansas City area.” 3. Create A Lot of Fun: “Buying a home is incredibly stressful for people, so we want to do our best to make it a fun experience for our clients.” – judy johns, team founder. 4. Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded: The johns family team has always stressed a sense of community, even for people who aren’t clients, including having a paper shredder company set up a truck outside the Keller Williams office for anyone to stop by for a “shredding party.” 5. Pursue Growth and Learning: “Part of what the johns family team does is make sure all of our team members are well-trained and equipped to provide the best service for our clients” - judy johns, team founder 6. Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication: “We are straight forward with our clients with the idea that we want to be solutions oriented.” – Steve Johns, team leader listing partner 7. Build a Positive Team and Family Experience: “I love the sense of family by every member of the team. When I transferred here, I was going to be here for a year. That was more than five years ago. I fell in love with our team, and I’m not looking to go anywhere.” 8. Do More with Less: The johns family team isn’t the largest realty group in the Kansas City area, but they’ve been successful on the foundation that “no one succeeds alone.” 9. Be Passionate and Determined: “We love working with people to help them find their perfect home. Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible.” 10. Be Humble: “I knew of the johns family team before I started working for them. Their integrity is so high, and they are honest, down-to-earth people, and they recognize their clients as real people.” – Vickie Feitl, johns family team executive assistant
johns family team Core Values
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